Diwali Gift Tradition
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Sun, 12 NOV 2023

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Diwali Gift Tradition

diwali gifts tradition
Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali festival, the most celebrated festival in India, is also associated as the largest gift giving and shopping festival in India. The tradition of exchanging gifts and shopping is very popular during Diwali. People go out of their way to splurge themselves and their loved ones as it is associated with prosperity. This tradition of shopping and exchanging gifts has been harnessed by marketers today. Most manufacturers and suppliers launch their products or announce attractive schemes to attract the people and people are willing to spend at the time of Diwali. Corporate India sees a boom time during diwali. There is a complete shopping and gifting spree at this time of the festival.

Significance Behind Exchanging Gifts on Diwali

The basic idea behind the tradition of exchanging Diwali Gifts is to accelerate the feeling of love, bonding, affection and appreciation. People convey their respect, good diwali wishes, blessings, love and appreciation for their dear ones through gifts. Since Diwali is a religious festival, sending Diwali Gifts also symbolises one's prayers to the almighty for the prosperity and well being of the recipient.

Early Tradition of Exchanging Diwali Gifts

Gifts are exchanged on diwali day and this is not a recent trend. From ancient times this has been followed. During early times, when Indian households solely depend on farming and cattle rearing for their livelihood, even then people used to give their farm produce on this day. Sweets and decoratives were also produced at home and gifted. These gifts that time were not expensive but they were considered a token of love and good wishes.

Diwali Gifts Tradition in Present Times

Today the exchanging of gifts is not so simple. The Diwali Gifts exhanging tradition has grown to new heights in present times. It is considered socially mandatory to exchange Diwali Gifts will all near and dear ones, including friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and business associates. Great importance is given on the product in this materialistic age unlike ancient times when feelings behind gifts were far more important. There are wide variety of gift options. The traditional gifts like Lakshmi Ganesh coins, idols, puja thalis etc are quite popular on Diwali. The other traditional gifts like sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, decoratives come in stylish hampers and fancy Diwali packing. People also exchange electronic gadgets, artifacts, jewelry, wrist watches etc. on this day. Please click here for more Diwali Gift ideas.

Diwali Gift Ideas
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