Diwali Greeting Cards
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Sun, 12 NOV 2023

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Diwali Greeting Cards

Diwali Greeting Card

Exchanging Diwali Greeting Card is one of the most popular way of sending Diwali greetings to loved ones. As Diwali is one the most important Hindu festivals people in India make efforts to send Diwali Greetings to all their near and dear ones and express their warm wishes for them. Sending Diwali Cards become especially desirable when ones wishes to send greetings to loved ones staying in different cities and countries. At that time Diwali Cards helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the bonds of love shared between people.

Diwali Cards Patterns and Styles

Diwali is celebrated as the Festival of Lights in India and 'Deepavali' means rows of lamps. Hence oil lamps, illumination and brightness is the significant feature of Diwali Cards. Other popular symbols used in Diwali Cards include pictures of burning oil lamps, candles and bursting crackers. Rangoli patterns and pictures of traditional Diwali mithais can also be found in Diwali Cards.

Besides, as Lakshmi – Ganesh Puja is essential aspect of Diwali, image of Lakshmi Ma and Lord Ganesha are an all-time favorite image used in Diwali Cards.

Diwali E-Cards

In the age of Internet, Diwali E-Cards are fast replacing paper Diwali Cards. This is because sending E-Cards is fast, instantaneous and cost effective way of sending greetings to dear ones. To keep pace with the ever increasing demand of sending Diwali E-Greetings e-card sites provide plethora of options. Most cards sites offer free cards thus making it even more cost-effective for the people.

Use of Java and Flash technology has helped to make E-cards more vibrant and interactive. Some cards even give people a virtual Lakshmi Puja experience. Cards that feature virtual bursting of crackers are also quite popular amongst the consumers.

Handmade Diwali Cards

In schools, children are encouraged to make handmade Diwali Cards. Besides, utilizing their inherent creativity, Handmade Diwali Cards help kids bond with the tradition of celebrating Diwali and understand its importance. Please click here for ideas on making Handmade Diwali Cards.

Diwali Charity Cards

Several charitable organization utilize the demand of Diwali Cards to raise funds for their organization. Sometimes Charitable Diwali Cards are made by children of orphanages or children with physical themselves to make an emotional appeal. It is seen that people love to go for charitable cards as it also gives them the satisfaction that the money spent by them will be utilized for a good cause.

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