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Sun, 12 NOV 2023

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Diwali Remedies

Whoever we may be, whatever we may do, it is very important that we acquire enough wealth to carry out our daily work in a smoother way. It is believed that during the time of Diwali Goddess Laxmi enters every other home and provides with plenty of wealth for a prosperous and healthy life.

There are a number of people around who find it difficult to earn wealth easily to have an easy and peaceful life. And, in that case they take help from many types of astrologers thinking that there are some problems with the starts and that God is not happy with them. Diwali is a perfect time, when people can apply various Diwali remedies and work with their Doshas. It is believed that, these Diwali remedies help very quickly in acquiring wealth.

The Vedic astrology teaches that, every problem in life has a remedy! It is considered that the Diwali remedies are specifically very effective. Performing certain kind of Pujas with proper rituals can help remove the difficulties in dealing with the starts. During the time of Diwali, people seek the blessing of Goddess Laxmi to summon wealth and prosperity in their respective home.

Here we are going to provide a few of the Diwali remedies that can be really very helpful for people:

1. Draw OM during Dhanteras

It is a very effective practice to draw OM on the entrance of the home during Dhanteras! The auspicious symbol of OM is drawn using the paste of turmeric and rice. This remedy can be done very easily as rice and turmeric is easily available in every home. Those who will apply this remedy at their homes can easily summon wealth and prosperity open-handily.

2. Blow Shankha

While it is always a very auspicious thing to blow Shankha in home, during Diwali its sound ahs a special effect. This one is a very simple remedy as you can very easily bring home a Shankha from the market blow it all around your home. It is believed that its sound spreads purity and brings wealth and prosperity for the family.

3. Install Ganesha-Lakshmi Yantra

Ganesha is considered to be the God of Ridhhi-Sidhhi and Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the Devi of wealth and prosperity. And, that is why a Ganesha-Lakshmi Yantra is considered very much effective. This Yantra is also known with the name Maha-Yantra! The Installation of ganesha-Lakshmi Yantra should be done by the proper rituals and should be done by a learned Pandit. The inscription on the Yantra should be same as mentioned in the religious Vedic Texts.

4. Worshipping the Sugarcane Root

It is believed by the people Hindu religion that worshipping Sugarcane along with Ganesh and Lakshmi during the time of Diwali is very auspicious and it brings a lot of wealth and prosperity in every home. The logic goes as, Sugarcane is produced as a commodity on the farmlands by the framers and so it is considered as an item of worship or a form of wealth.

5. Offer Lotus to Goddess Laxmi during Diwali

We all know that, Lotus is the favourite flower of Goddess Lakshmi and so offering this flower makes her happy and overwhelmed. It is advised to offer Lotus flower while you are doing Lakshmi Pujan during Diwali. Nothing can entice her more than this Diwali remedy. Also, one should do Laksmi Japam with the garland made with Kamal-Gatte.

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