Diwali Solar Eclipse
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Sun, 12 NOV 2023

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Diwali Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) during Diwali!

Religious significance makes it to do the Lakshmi Puja on Diwali during the time of Amavasya!! The scientific reasons make solar eclipse to occur only during Amavasya that is the full Moon day. It is not an unusual due to all these facts that solar eclipse occurs during the time of Diwali. But most of the times it is restricted to a few of the countries on the Earth.

Most of the times Solar eclipse does not fall during Diwali but can be sited in other countries like UK, USA, South Africa, Canada and others. We all know that a huge portion of Indian population reside in these countries, but they hardly get to know the Surya graham timings. In India whenever, solar eclipse occurs, there is a very confusing scenario on deciding on the timings of Diwali.

Here we will be discussing on solar eclipse on Diwali in detail.

Surya Grahan during Diwali is actually limited as per the geographical locations. It has been purported by various astrologers and Pundits that of solar eclipse is not visible in a particular area then it is not required to follow the rituals that are prescribed for Surya Grahan. For instance, if solar eclipse can be seen in Australia but it is not visible in India then it is not needed to follow the rituals prescribed for solar eclipse. It is also suggested that if Surya Grahan is during night and Chandra Grahan is during day time then people are not needed to take the bath for purifying them. It is believed to lose its effect once it is invisible to the eyes even if it is visible in other parts of the world.

Various articles available in newspaper and other blogs mention that Puja should not be done during the time of Grahan. But as per the Dharma Sindhu and Nirnaya Sindhu performing Homa and certain Puja rituals should be done during the time of Grahana.

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