Diwali with Diyas and Candles
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Diwali with Diyas and Candles

Diwali Diyas and Candles
Posted on : 14th October, 2014

Diwali is associated with lights and illumination and hence aptly called as the Festival of Lights. Diwali is symbolized with lighting up the houses with diyas and candles. As everyone knows that exchanging of gifts is an age old tradition in Diwali. It is the time where people meet their loved ones, relatives and friends and gifts are considered a token of love and good wishes. Diwali Diyas and Candles are one of the most beautiful and popular gift items during this festival.

Diyas, candles, lamps are available in varied designs, shapes and sizes. The market is flooded with attractive designs of diyas. The hand made diyas are beautifully crafted , with painted patterns and studded with sequins, beads, and glasses. Besides the clay diyas, metal diyas are also available. There are brass, copper, bronze and even silver and gold diyas. These are intricately carved and available in varied shapes. Markets, diwali melas, haats, showcase a multitude of handcrafted diyas made by ceramic and handicraft artists throughout the country. Diwali diyas are one of the major attractions. Multicolored and vibrant colored diyas look fabulous.

Like diyas, candles are also given as gifts during diwali. The most exquisite candles in the prettiest designs, colors and shapes are found in the market. Candle holders with dazzling designs together with the candles bring in an element of elegance and royalty as well. There are tea light candles, votive candles, fragrant candles, and also multicolored floating candles.

Diyas and candles are ideal as diwali gifts. Diwali is incomplete without lighting diyas and candles. Besides decorating the house, illuminating the entrance way, diyas are also required to perform the evening Lakshmi puja. Gift giving is utmost importance on the occasion of Diwali. Presenting beautiful diyas and candles is a way of communicating respect, friendship, and appreciation.

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