Diwali Dry Fruits
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Friday, 01 NOV 2024

Dry Fruits

Diwali Dry Fruits

Dry Fruit is one of the most popular and widely appreciated gift on the occasion of Diwali. Delectable taste of the dry fruits and their easy storage for long periods of time make them the most sought after gift on the joyous occasion of Diwali. These are quite unlike sweets - the other famous Diwali Gift. For, many people have specific taste for mithai that is not easy to predict. Besides sweets have a very short shelf life. They can normally be stored for two or a maximum of seven days. While Dry fruits can be stored for months if kept in airtight containers. Popular amongst all dry fruits on Diwali include almonds, pistachio nuts, raisins, walnuts, cashew nuts, chilgoza, khajoor etc.

Relevance in Winter Season

Dry fruits are particularly relished during the winter season because they provide warmth to the body due to their high calorific value. It may be noted that in India winter season starts soon after the festival of Diwali. This makes Dry Fruits a seasonal and practical Diwali Gift.

Attractive Packaging of Dry Fruits

Realizing the popularity of Dry Fruit as Diwali Gift, gift makers come up with innovative dry fruit gift packs every year. Imaginative use of gota, ribbons, mirrors, dry flowers, images of Lord Ganesha etc can be seen in Dry Fruit boxes. A lot of creativity and skill is employed to cash in on the sentimental value of the occasion. Sometimes dry fruits are packed in wooden or plastic tray that doubles up as a Diwali Gift.

Innovative Dry Fruits Gift Hamper

These days one also has the option to gift ready-made Dry Fruit Hampers to pamper special people in their lives. Markets are flooded with innovative Dry Fruit Hamper in a huge variety and wide price range.

Online Shopping for Dry Fruits

With the penetration of Internet in every nook and corner of the globe one may also go in for online shopping for Dry Fruits and Dry Fruits Hampers through various Diwali shopping sites. Many of these sites also provide the facility to deliver gifts in India and other countries.

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