Diwali in Surinam
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Friday, 01 NOV 2024

Diwali in Surinam

Diwali Surinam

The celebration of Diwali festival in Surinam is not as traditional as that observed by Indians. But Hindus residing in here try their best to absorb most of the aspects associated with Diwali. Stretched to 63.064 square miles, the population of this country include 35-40% Hindus, making Diwali one of the most popular Indian Festival. An important part of the Hindu population of Surinam consists people immigrated from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The Indian people refer themselves as "Hindustani" instead of Indian. Sarnami Hindustani (a dialect of Avadhi and Bhojpuri) is one of the official languages. Unlike Holi, Diwali is not a official national holiday. But then their is no lack of enthusiasm on the part of Hindus residing their. The celebration include, distribution of sweets, exchange of greetings, cleaning of houses and wearing clean clothes. Lightining of homes, Goddess Lakshmi puja and visiting temples are also other important features of the celebaration.

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