Diwali in Rajasthan
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Friday, 01 NOV 2024

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Diwali in Rajasthan

Diwali in Rajasthan
Diwali Celebration in Rajasthan
First Day: Dhanteras, Dhantheran, Dhanatrayodashi
Second Day: Roop Chaturdashi, Kali Choudas
Third Day: Laxmi Pujan, Chopda Pujan, Deva Divali
Fourth Day: Muharat Pujan, Kali Choudas
Fifth Day: Yamadwitheya, Bhai Dooj
Related Festival: Labh Pancham, Agyaras, Wagh Baras

Rajasthan is the land of festivals and fairs. People in this sparsely populated state look for any excuse to assemble together in celebration and take a break from their otherwise rugged, tough lives. The elaborate rituals and the gaiety with which they surrender themselves to the numerous fairs and festivals of the region shows their sheer zest for life. Celebrated every year in October-November, Diwali is perhaps the most popular of all Rajasthan festivals. It is a celebration of light, both literally and metaphorically.

The origin of this festival can be traced back to the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, when Lord Ram returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The whole kingdom was light up with diyas(earthen lamps) to celebrate his return. To date, on Diwali day, house all over Rajasthan glow with twinkle of innumerable diyas, candles and electric lights. The night is illuminated with the flaming lights of fireworks, creating kaleidoscopic designs against the black canvas of the sky.

Diwali festivals give people a chance to decorate their homes, buy new clothes, visit relatives and friends and take time off from their daily routine to gather together and enjoy the festivities. Special food, naturally, is very high on the agenda, keeping in mind the occasion; a wedding , a festival, a celebration to mark the birth of a male child or a good harvest , even good monsoons, are reason enough to celebrate. Women of the neighborhood gather and prepare sweets like Mawa Kachori, Til Ke Laddo, Gonth ke Laddu, Piste ke Launj, Moti Pak, Pheeni, Sohan Papdi, Besan Barfi, Jalebi, Shakarpara- to name just a few.

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