Society for the confluence of festival of India
Society for the confluence of festival of India

Wed, 7 NOV 2018


Badhausar Celebration Gujrat

For Gujaratis Diwali is known as Badhausar. It is their belief that on this day Goddess Lakshmi descends from the heaven to the earth to live in a clean and tidy house. This a general belief of having clean house. Flowers of different hues and colors decorate the households. Girls of the all household go around in groups to each and they are traditionally dressed in the full bright colors that they are known for. The girls offer Mera, a prayer in front of each household and invoke God to bless each member of the family.

Rangoli is a floral design and use of flower is custom on the day of Badhausar. On the next day all the girls of the village prepare the sweets and personally take the sweets from house to house and deliver it with good wishes. They also carry earthen lamps (diyas) through the village in the evening on the second day making the entire atmosphere picturesque devotional fun enduring.

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