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Friday, 01 NOV 2024

Bhaubeej / Bhav-Bij

Bhaubeej Festival

In Maharashtra and Goa, the festival of Bhaubeej or Bhav-Bij is very popular. The essence of this festival is similar to that of Raksha Bandhan except that the reasoning behind it is different. On this day the sister worships her brother with a Arati. The brother stands for Krishna who did the noble deed of killing the demon Narkasura.

A special square shaped space is created on the floor, lined with various designs in corn powder, to worship the brother. Before stepping into this square shaped puja place, the brother taste a particular bitter fruit ( Karith in marathi ) which Krishna is said to have tasted before setting out for the kill.

On Bahu beej, every brother visits his sister who performs aukshan, wishes him a long & healthy life and offers him sweets with warmth. Brother in exchange offers a present as a token of love & affection. The sister asks the Lord for the well-being of her brother, who is her Protector. Those who do not have a brother perform a sort of puja to the Moon-God. The Bhau-beej puja is performed in any case. Basundi-poori or shrikhand poori is the special sweet prepared for the occasion.

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